Java Chess Tournament Management


    Chess Roundrobin Tournament Management

    Manage chess round robin tournaments with JKlubTV Version 4.0.66.
    This application stores the data belonging to round robin into a SQLite database. It is intended for webmasters who want to easily manage a club tournament in their own chess club. The HTML tables that are to be published for the website will be created easily by the application. Automatically calculate the total points, Sonneborn Berger points of each player, as well as their sequence DWZ, and sorts the HTML table by the calculated Rangliste.Desweiteren it is possible the tables as to save PDF file.
    The software is free (Opensource).
    - can access the DFB player database
    - the tables can export into HTML, PDF or Excel format
    - expects the result from DWZ
    - counted the points and the Sonneborn Berger figures
    - automatically sorts the crosstab after ranking

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    Example: Chess Tournament from "Barmbeker Schachklub"

    The crosstables from Chesstournament of Barmbek was managed with JKlubTV:

    Barmbeker Klubturnier 2018

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